About Lewis & Saunders

Lewis & Saunders is the world leader in the repair & overhaul of rigid tubes, manifolds, ducts, & repair of flexible hose assemblies used in the aerospace industry.

We are located in a 30,000 square foot facility in Laconia, New Hampshire. Our experienced and dedicated staff is committed to providing premier after-market solutions to the aerospace industry. Specific programs, such as kitting, specialized repairs, rotable exchanges and more can be tailored to meet individual customer requirements. As a Part 145 Repair source, we hold all major repair station certifications.

Lewis & Saunders is dedicated to implementing lean concepts in our business operations; developing industry-leading DER approved repair procedures for flexible hoses and flex-rigid tubing assemblies; tracing our tooling, processes and testing directly back to the OEM. We work closely with our customers to meet turn-around-time requirements. As a result, customers are realizing substantial savings and reduced lead times, without sacrificing quality.

Smiths Tubular Systems - Laconia, dba Lewis & Saunders, combines the capabilities of the Lewis & Saunders and Titeflex Corporations (collectively known as Smiths Tubular Systems - Laconia, Inc.).

STS-Laconia, Inc. provides more than 90 years OEM experience and 25-years overhaul and repair expertise, to create a world leader in total after-market solutions to the aerospace industry.
Lewis & Saunders operates in a responsible manner that respects our employees, our environment and our community. Our Environmental Policy supports the Smiths Global EH&S Policy.
Read our Health & Safety Policy.